Are Teenagers Getting More Exercise and Fruits and Vegetables?

An article called “Teenagers Are Getting More Exercise and Vegetables,” published yesterday in “The New York Times,” reported on a study that found teenagers exercising more, consuming less sugar and eating more fruits and vegetables, thus creating a trend that may be causing obesity rates to level out among teens. While this may be exciting news it is important to look at the study with critical eyes.

The study revealed, “Younger children had the highest levels of physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption”. Well, this makes since because parents have a huge influence on their children at this age compared to teenagers.  The report also stated that the results found a racial divide saying “Black and Hispanic adolescents lagged behind whites on almost every measure of progress.” There is so much to be said about that statement, for instance how junk food advertisers target Black and Hispanic communities. Also it is important to keep in mind that these are kids self-reporting and like adults they know what people want to hear.

All that being said, it is encouraging to think that teenagers are “getting it” and that they are starting to make healthier lifestyle choices when it comes to food and physical activity.  Read “Teens Curb Sodas And TV, But More Work Needed In Obesity Fight”.

What do you think?