Are You A Healthy Food (Shopping) Snob?

The other day my daughter came home from school and said to me, “ mommy so-n-so said that you couldn’t find anything healthy to eat at Target.”  Keeping in mind that this statement stems from parental influence, my response was, “everyone has different rules for what type of food they will and will not allow in their homes and where they purchase it. That being said, people need to not feel so strongly about their dietary choices and where they purchase them that they insult those who think or choose differently than they do.”

Personally I believe that you can find healthy food or healthy food alternatives just about anywhere, including Target, if you know what to look for.  If buying organic or pesticide free is important to you and you don’t want to spend your “whole paycheck,” know that there are plenty affordable choices out there such as farmer’s markets, local grocery stores and yes, even department stores like Target.

Be an informed consumer and learn to differentiate marketing hype from meaningful words. For example when buying, lets say pasta, look for labels that reflect your values and are important to you e.g. gluten free pasta or 100% organic pasta.  Also, be open to comparison-shopping because you might find a good tasting, high quality organic olive at Target for 6.99 compared to Whole Foods for 9.99. Just saying!

What do you think?