Helping My Kids Make Healthier Food Choices: Proud Mama Moment

Today my eight year old and I went grocery shopping at one of my favorite places, Berkeley Bowl, for items to prepare for dinner.  She decided that we would have fish (tilapia) and pasta (organic spaghetti) for dinner.  While she was picking out the ingredients we needed such as Italian parsley, green onions and garlic, she said to me, “mom I see why you love this place, there is so much good food here.”

At that moment I had notice this woman staring in amazement at Ola’s excitement over the variety of parsley and she came over to Ola and said “seeing you so enthusiastic about choosing the produce you want to buy has made my day” the woman looked at me and said keep up the good work mom and she gave Ola a high-five.  Ola just looked at me and gave me a big smile! Proud mama moment, indeed!

Our family meal tonight that Ola and I cooked together was grilled tilapia and spaghetti with olive oil, lemon zest, Italian parsley and green onions. We also made ginger and mint lemonade, yum!

What do you think?