Mindful Eating Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

We are going to a holiday party tonight and I know there is going to be some incredible food there so I thought how appropriate to share some eating tips on surveying the holidays. Take a healthier approach to what you eat during this holiday season and beyond.  Practicing mindful eating is an approach I use throughout the year, more so during the holidays.

According to the American Heart Association, mindless eating is when you consume food just because it’s there. It’s eating while distracted – watching TV, working at a computer or texting on your iphone. It’s when you are eating for emotional comfort instead of hunger. Simply put, it’s not paying attention to what you eat!

Here are some tips toward a more mindful approach to eating:

  • Control portions. Especially during the holidays, you will be presented with many opportunities to eat festive meals, snacks and desserts so be aware of your portions. By no means should you deprive yourself (I will not), just try to eat smaller servings and less often. 
Eating well is all about balance.
  • Eat when you’re hungry. Just because the clock says noon doesn’t mean you have to eat. If you’re not hungry, wait until you are – just don’t wait until you’re famished because you might overeat. Also, don’t eat just because the food is available.
  • Plan. One of the worst things you can do is show up to a party hungry. Eat a healthy snack before leaving your house, so that you are able to make better choices about what and how you eat once you arrive at the gathering.
  • Slow down. Enjoy each bite and put your fork down while chewing, then take a sip of water between each bite. This gives your body enough time to trigger your brain that you are satisfied (not necessarily full).
  • Pay attention. Try to avoid eating in front of the TV or computer, or while standing in the kitchen or talking or texting on the phone. When you do these things, you’re more likely to lose track of how much you’ve eaten.
  • Focus on the Party. Try to focus on your friends and family more so than eating everything in sight. Remember that the holidays are about spending time with the people you love.

What tips do you have? Please share!

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