10 Tips to Getting Kids to Eat Healthier – Tip #1 TMI (too much information)

Getting kids to eat healthy food can be a huge challenge for parents. Here are some tips I have found through my experience as a nutrition educator and as a parent of two young children that help kids make healthier food choices.

If you want a child to eat healthful and make better food choices, try not to over emphasize the disease prevention benefits of specific foods, such as eating broccoli sprouts may help prevent cancer, if you ever what them to eat a green vegetable again – TMI! While most adults appreciate this kind of knowledge, kids on the other hand may be turned off completely.

Instead, focus on health benefits from a child’s point of view.  Most kids do want to know which foods will help them be healthy and have more energy, so focus on that!  For example, eating two cuties or a handful of homemade trail mix before soccer practice will give kids more energy to run and kick the ball.

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