Three-Cheese Lasagna turned out great and My Kids Want to Keep Cooking on Mondays!

Success the “Three-Cheese Lasagna” turned out great! We were so excited to start eating that I forgot to take pictures! I want to share with you that the girls and I had initially decided to try “Kids Cook Monday” for the month of January only, but we are having such a great time cooking together that we are going to keep it up through February maybe longer.

Here are some of the reasons why my kids want to keep cooking on Mondays, they told me this tonight:

  • We look forward to trying something new every Monday.
  • We like looking for new recipes.
  • It’s fun to eat what we cook.
  • We like cooking with you (I really like this one!).
  • Food taste better when we cook it at home.

For these reasons we will keep on cooking on Mondays!

Have you been cooking with your kids? Would love to hear how it’s been going!


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