Fit Tip Friday – 4 tips for keeping your kids active through the school year!


This weeks Fit Tip Friday is all about helping kids be active as they start back to school! It is recommended that kids get 60 minutes or more physical activity daily. One of the best ways for kids to get physical activity is by incorporating physical activity into their daily routine.

Here are four ways you can help get physical activity into your child’s day.

Tip #1

Choose the right activities for your child. Try not to stick your kid in every activity that comes up. Try to find the activity that is right for YOUR child. If you don’t, he or she may become bored or frustrated. School age kids tend to like more traditional sports like baseball, soccer and basketball as well as martial arts, biking and playing outside. Older kids may enjoy activities such as yoga, dance or skateboarding. When kids enjoy an activity, they want to do more of it.

Tip #2

Keep it fun! Keep the activity fun! I know I don’t like to participate in activities I don’t enjoy so why then would I expect my kids to. Kids won’t do something they don’t enjoy.

Tip #3

Provide opportunities to be active. Do what you can to make it easy for your kid to be active. This could be walking with them to school, letting them ride their bike to school (as long as it is safe to do that) or by providing transportation and any necessary gear or equipment they may need.

Tip #4

Let them see you sweat. Kids learn by example so be active yourself and support your kids’ interests.

What do you think?