3 Things You Can Do Today To Become Healthier


Hi Everyone! Are you struggling with how to get healthy and where to start? If you answered yes, here are 3 things you can do today to become healthier!

1. Cut out added sugar from your diet where you can!

Now, I’m not talking everything at once that would be ridiculous and unsustainable. Start with one thing, for example: instead of drinking a sugary drink (soda or juice) with a meal opt for water.

2. Walk, walk, walk!

If feasible, walk instead of driving or taking the bus. Walk for meetings. Walk to pick up lunch. Walk around the block, walk around your house! Just start walking more than you normally do so that it’s now counting towards your cardio ❤️!

3. Set a bedtime and stick to it ?

This will be a challenge for a lot of you, but it will have a direct impact on your health immediately!

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, irritability and lack of energy.

Establish a bedtime routine: such as washing your face, brushing your teeth and setting a cut off time for technology.

If you have trouble falling asleep try relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga 5 to 10 minutes before you actually lay down to sleep. You can also try to darken your room more.

Start today and take that first step to reaching your greatest health potential!

What do you think?