hello Monday…Staying Focused


hello Everyone and hello Monday…Staying Focused! This week that means doing what I said I would do and finding ways to keep my cool while cooking with my kids 🙂

Staying Focused

Affirmation: Rather than dwelling on what I don’t want, I will clearly articulate what I do want.

Who’s Cookin’ With Kids?

I am staying focused this week and finally sitting down to begin work on my health campaign “Who’s Cookin’ With Kids!” It is at the beginning stages, but I have great expectations for it and will share more as it develops.

And more…I reserved my “Health Equity: Thinking Outside The Box” blog so I must also stay focused and start developing that. Busy, busy!


Cooking at home and cooking with my kids are two of my favorite Monday thru Friday things to do! I am always looking for ways to make this happen with ease. Here are a few things worth checking out this week that might help:

I use quite a few of these tips… Ideas for a Cooking With Kids, Without Going Insane 

And these too… Cooking With Kids from kidshealth.org

May great things happen today and everyday thereafter!

Until next Monday…

xo GoodFoodMama

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