hello Monday…New Approach to Monday Mornings!

hello Everyone and hello Monday…

As we approach the end of the first month of 2015 I felt an attitude check was needed for how I (and a lot of people) approach life or at least the week! Here in the U.S. we tend to have “a living for the weekend mentality” and I am not sure why that it is?

My outlook is this – the weekend is my time to unwind, reflect on the past week and get ready for the chance to make some really great things happen Monday thru Friday!

Things like:

Practicing kindness.

Listening with my ears and loving with my heart.

Doing my best.

Breathing deeply and expecting great things!

Idealistic? I don’t think so. Realistic? Most definitely!



Cooking at home and cooking with my kids are two of my favorite Monday thru Friday things to do! I am always looking for ways to make this happen with ease. Here are a few things worth checking out this week that might help:

  • Look what The Kids Cook Monday is cooking up; they will be sharing recipes, tips and ideas on how to get kids in the kitchen from a young age. I’m totally joining in on this one!


  • Making cooking and eating fun is, I believe one of the best ways to teach kids about making healthy choices and that is exactly what author and chef Eric Johnson has done. He puts nursery rhymes and recipes together to encourage parents to cook and children to eat, fantastic! Check out two of his children’s stories that are posted with recipes as well:  A Boy and His Mud Puddle  and To Catch a Monster

Rise and Sweat!

Nothing like starting the week off with a great workout! Walking, running, Spinning or what ever your movement of choice is – go for it! It will only set the tone for the rest of the week!


Until next Monday…


What do you think?