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Motivational Monday – Goals Into Habits

Happy Monday! Are you ready to reach your goal? When you set your intention/goal, the odds of you reaching that goal are not very good unless your habits already support it. So if your goal is to become more flexible, but you are not doing anything to increase your flexibility such as, yoga or stretching, you’ll need to change your habits in order to achieve your goal.

Think in terms of your daily habits, especially if your goal is a big one. Nothing to complex just simple daily habits that are easier to do and maintain.

Now write down the habits you will complete daily, working them into your everyday life. Be specific! Identify when, where, and how you’ll implement them. Leave nothing to chance.

Going on this week…

Soul Food Wednesday – Ai James will begin “Cooking 101: The Basics” a series of tips, infograhpics and short video clips to help you improve your healthy cooking techniques. Follow us on Facebook Twitter for all the details!

Friday – Ready For The Weekend – Weekend Fitness Challenege! Follow us on Facebook Twitter for all the details!





Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were filled with great food, great company and great amounts of love!


It’s 2017 – Time to create a life full of ‪health, ‪happiness and ‪love for you and for those that are important to you! So lets set some intentions, make a plan and put it into action!

Resolutions not required!  Instead use this first week of January to take a close look at what in your life needs a little more attention from YOU! Let’s call this your goal, write it down! Next you need to make a plan on how you’re going to reach your goal. Finally, how will you put that plan into action!

Not sure how to start? That’s where GoodFoodMama comes into play!

Every week for the next 52 weeks we will be motivating you and inspiring you on how to put your plan into action! To get everything you need you should subscribe to GoodFoodMama to receive our Monday blog post by email and follow us on Facebook Twitter to help you stay focused while reaching your goals.

Here is how it will play out:

Mondays – will be Motivational Monday and will start off with a blog post full of tips, inspiration and motivation to set the tone for your week.

Wednesdays – will be Soul Food Wednesday where you will receive tips on ways to nourish you body, mind and soul! *Note this will only be on FB or Twitter.

Fridays – will be Ready for the Weekend where we will help keep you motivated to stay on track during the weekend! *Note this will only be on FB or Twitter.

*The blog post on Mondays will line out what the rest of the week will look like, but to get all of the info from Wednesday and Friday you will need to follow us on FB or Twitter!

If you want and need more support, encouragement and direction, Health Coaching with me is the next step! Send me a message!


Motivational Monday 1/2/17…

Start each day with a GRATEFUL heart!


Here’s to an unforgettable 2017, cheers!

The Best of GoodFoodMama 2016


It’s the last day of 2016! Time to reflect on a year that for some was pretty rough, but instead of delving into the negative I’m going to end this year on the positive and bring in the new like I did some 365 days ago, with “Gratitude.

I have so much to be thankful for: my health, my family and friends, my business and you my amazing followers! I’m grateful for you and I am looking forward to motivating and inspiring you and for some even working more closely with one-on-one health coaching in 2017.  It’s going to be a great year!

This is also the time that I like to look back at the most popular posts on GoodFoodMama (Twitter and Instagram) so that you and I get one more look at the favorites and to give you an opportunity to read posts you might have missed.

Here’s a look back at 2016…

GoodFoodMama is growing we had over 20,000 visitors and over 15,000 views!

Here are the top 2-blog posts that got the most views in 2016!

  1. Once again, this post from Oct. 23 2013 – To Eat or Not To Eat Before Your Early Morning Workout? continues to be the most popular post on my blog third year in a row – 2,761 views this year alone! What do you think?
  1. Cooking Guides for Using Herbs and Spices had 1,421 views! Check it out for great cooking tips!

Most popular post on Instagram…See it here and follow me!


 Most popular post on Twitter…See it here and follow me!


Practicing Self-Care During the Holidays


Hi Everyone! How have the holidays been for you so far?  Are you taking care of you?

The holidays can bring lots of joy and lots stress with all the family gatherings, endless parties, and the shopping! Here are 3 self-care tips that I never lose sight of during this time of the year.

  1. Stick to the routine. As much as you possibly can, try to stick with your normal routine during the holidays. Don’t stay too long at parties. Don’t pull an all-nighter wrapping presents. Disrupting your schedule and losing out on sleep can quickly turn you into Mr. Scrooge!
  1. Get your workout in! While you may not feel like you have the time to exercise during the holidays, make the time the stress relief benefits alone are worth it. If you can’t get to the gym or spin class, work physical activity into your errands. When shopping at the mall walk around a few extra times to get some cardio. If you have Christmas cards to mail walk to the post office instead of driving.
  1. Eat like you do when it’s not the holidays. With so many holiday parties and family gatherings between November and New Year’s, it can be difficult to stay committed to eating healthy. But try. Making healthy choices and eating well can keep you feeling better both physically and emotionally. But, don’t beat yourself up if you go overboard on the cookies at your office party. It’s not a big deal. Just get back on track the next day.

Remember balance your eating, exercising and me time just as you do throughout the year. Applying a little self-care will help you enjoy the holiday season a lot more!


Need more motivation and inspiration to help you get through the holidays? Every Monday until January 1! I will be sharing a weekly Holiday Fit Tip for you to focus on for the week. I will share these tips on Facebook and Twitter go follow me… www.facebook.com/GoodFoodMama and www.twitter.com/GoodFoodMama

Check out my new page on GFM: Healthy Kids, Healthy Teens

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that I just created a new page on GoodFoodMama called, Healthy Kids, Healthy Teens! Check it out for tips; videos, links and posts to help your kids become and stay healthy! Let’s nip childhood obesity in the butt!

Healthy Kids, Healthy Teens


My Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Recipes


Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving feasting on delicious food and celebrating with friends and family! Now what to do with all those leftovers?  Here are 4 of my favorite leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes that you might want to try when you become tired of turkey sandwiches! Bon Appetit!

Turkey Salad – AllRecipes.com

Cindy's Turkey Salad

Turkey Soup
Turkey Pot Pie
Share your favorite Thanksgiving leftover turkey recipes…



Stress Free Holiday Fit Tips

Good Morning and Happy Monday!


The holidays are upon us and I want to help you move through the season stress free!

This time of the year should be about spending time with loved ones and being thankful for all that you have, not worring about food (over eating).

Staring today and every Monday until January I will be sharing a weekly Holiday Fit Tip for you to focus on for the week. I will share these tips on Facebook and Twitter go follow me… www.facebook.com/GoodFoodMama and www.twitter.com/GoodFoodMama

Also my Holiday Nutrition Coaching Program starts this Wednesday! Get more info about it here! Holiday Nutrition Coaching Program


Lastly, here are some mindfulness tips to help make the holidays less stressful! Mindful Eating Tips For The Holiday Season

Be Healthy!



Holiday Nutrition Coaching Program

Are you ready for the holiday season?

Nutrition Coaching for the Holidays

Make the holidays a time to not stress over food. I am excited to offer my 5-week Holiday Nutrition Coaching Program designed to help you get through the holidays without gaining weight, maintaining your weight and/or losing a few pounds.

The holidays can be very stressful, but having someone to encourage you to make good decisions and to be accountable to is key and I’m here to help!

Five Week Program
Nov. 23 – Dec. 28

• Customized meal plan based on your goals.
• Weekly fitness challenges.
• Weekly check-in with coach.


Email me if your want more information and to sign up!

Spaces are limited. New clients only.


Movember Tips for the Men in Your Life!


November is Movember! 

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of various cancers, such as prostate cancer

This month celebrate men’s health and encourage your sons, brothers, fathers,
partners and friends to take care of themselves by being proactive with their health! Here is some information and tips to share with your loved one!




Stop the presses: GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube!


GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube!

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube! Yes! I have two videos up now, but more are on the way!

On the GoodFoodMama channel you will find cooking demonstrations, nutrition and cooking 101’s, exercise demos, fitness tips, interviews and featured guests!

Please check out my first two videos (short, but sweet), like them and subscribe! Share with a friend!



Be Healthy!

Donna aka GoodFoodMama

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