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You Can Lose Body Fat by Eating Only When You are Hungry!

I eat exactly the right amount of food for my body’s needs.


Can I lose weight by eating only when I am hungry?  I get this question quite a bit. It is usually associated with not eating enough, starving oneself. When you let your hunger dictate when you eat you can lose body fat! Eating when you are not hungry, for reasons such as anger, sadness or boredom, can lead to weight gain. Paying attention to your physical hunger cues and making mindful food choices is essential to fat loss.

Hunger Cues

Eating when you are hungry can be effective for losing body fat. Listen to your body. Is your stomach growling? Do you feel empty or light-headed? Did this feeling come on gradually? Eating only when you’re physically hungry serves as a reminder that your body needs food for energy.

Eating and emotional comfort are separate. Eating for reasons other than hunger can result in you over eating and having a guilty conscience for overindulging. Eat when you are hungry and channel your emotions through something else other than food such as going on a long walk, taking a yoga class or meditating.

Mindful Food Choices

Mindful eating starts before you even sit down to eat. It begins with the purchasing of food at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Try to choose whole, unprocessed food whenever possible. This includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and lean protein choices.

Mindful eating is about bringing awareness and appreciation to the experience of eating. Focus! When you slow down and pay attention to how and what you eat, you’re more likely to make better decisions about the food you choose to nourish your body.


You don’t need fad diets or gimmicks to lose weight. Paying attention to hunger cues and making mindful food choices along with moving your body on a regular basis is the healthiest way to lose body fat.

Why Diets Don’t Work

I know spring is here and summer is around the corner and you want to wear that special outfit, but let’s be real diets don’t work! You know the reason why diets don’t work? It’s because they are not sustainable or realistic. Fad diets are designed for quick weight loss, due to water loss and muscle loss not fat loss. More importantly they are designed to fail long term.

If losing body fat is your goal, focus on building a healthy relationship with food and working out smarter instead.

Here is a simple but straightforward visual of why diets don’t work.



Events That Sabotage Your Fitness

Just as naysayers can sabotage your fitness efforts so can major events in your life. See if any of these events have happened to you.

1. You lose your job.

2. You get a new job.

3. You move.

4. You get married.

5. You get injured.

With fitness and healthy living it is essential that you learn how to overcome these interferences, which I’ll address in detail in my next post, in order to maintain your level of healthiness.

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