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Creating a Garden Where Vegetables and My Dog can Coexist

As the end of the year approaches I am thinking about a spring garden full of yummy vegetables, herbs and fruit waiting to be harvested and eaten.  Alas, my chocolate lab, Coco who has taken over my backyard, brings me back to reality.  My goal for the New Year, not resolution, but goal is to reclaim my backyard and build a garden where a bounty of produce and Coco can coexist.

Here are some photos of my garden and Coco as well as links to some great information to help me with planning.  Are you thinking about starting or reviving your garden too?  Lets chronicle this journey together.







How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

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Growing Your Own Food – Good for Kids

Growing your own food is a great way to help your kids eat more fruits and vegetables because most kids like to eat what they grow.  Also growing your on produce  makes it easy to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy meals and snacks. Growing your own food teaches your child about the environment in which they live, where their food comes from and how plants grow.

This is what I am growing now:



Here is what has grown in my daughter’s school garden:

In The Garden

and this


What are you growing?



5 really good reasons to grow your own food

Here are my top five reasons to grow your own food:

Improve Your Health

It is pretty much common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you and your family can do to stay healthy. Growing your own food in your backyard, on your windowsills, or in patio containers ensures that you will be eating more fruits and vegetables daily, thus providing you with essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that are important for good health. Also, growing your own food teaches your children where their food actually comes from and that it doesn’t come from the grocery store, but from the soil, the earth.

Purposeful Exercise

Growing your own food provides you with purposeful physical activity on a regular basis. Planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting offer plenty of exercise and can help you relax as well. Gardening is great for the whole family!

Save Money

Cut your grocery bill in half by growing the fruits and vegetables you eat the most.

Better Tasting Produce

When you grow your own fruits and vegetables you have control of what does and does not go into your food therefore, keeping it safe to eat and tasty too!

Help The Environment

Growing your food organically, without herbicides or pesticides, helps reduce air and water pollution. You also help reduce the carbon emissions resulting from the transport of fresh produce from different parts of the world via planes and refrigerated trucks to your neighborhood supermarkets.

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still grow your own food. I grow leafy greens, such as spinach and arugula in containers. This could be an option if you have a balcony or patio that gets a good amount of sun or start with an indoor herb garden on a windowsill. Another possibility would be to find out if there are any community gardens available in your city where you can tend to your very own plot.

Check out these Gardening Resources to help you get started.

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