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In the Garden – Getting Ready for Spring

I visited my daughters’ school garden today and it looked great (see pics below)! Seeing everything growing so beautifully made be realizes that I need to start getting my garden in order.  Back in December I made a pledge to take back my garden from my dog Coco (Creating a Garden Where Vegetables and My Dog can Coexist), a 60lb Chocolate Lab, and I attend to stick to that pledge.

So, this weekend I am using some tips from EarthEasy.com “Garden Projects for Early Spring” to clean my garden to get it ready for Spring.

Are you trying to get your garden in shape?  Check out these 10 favorite garden design apps from the Gardenista, chosen to help you in the garden.








Growing Your Own Food – Good for Kids

Growing your own food is a great way to help your kids eat more fruits and vegetables because most kids like to eat what they grow.  Also growing your on produce  makes it easy to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy meals and snacks. Growing your own food teaches your child about the environment in which they live, where their food comes from and how plants grow.

This is what I am growing now:



Here is what has grown in my daughter’s school garden:

In The Garden

and this


What are you growing?