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Creating a Healthy Kitchen: Shelf Life of Food – Infographic

Next in the series of posts dedicated to creating a healthy kitchen is this cool infographic: The Shelf Life of Food.


The first post on Creating a Healthy Kitchen: Healthy Food Storage Containers & Kitchen Tools

Creating a Healthy Kitchen: Healthy Food Storage Containers & Kitchen Tools

Since this is the time of year when you might be doing a lot of cooking, I decided to comprise a series of posts dedicated to creating a healthy kitchen.  Here is the first: Healthy Food Storage Containers & Kitchen Tools

You spend a lot of time and effort choosing and preparing nutritious food for your families, so it is important to make sure that the products you are using to cook, bake and store food with do not put your families’ health at risk.

BPA-free Plastic Storage Containers

If you use plastic containers for food storage be sure they are 100% BPA-free and have air tight secure lids like Preserve Food Storage Containers. These containers are made in the USA from 100% BPA free, recycled #5 plastic. They are dishwasher safe and stand up to everyday use. They feature seal-tight screw-top clear lids and a design that is stackable for easy storage

Some of Preserve’s other items like there colanders and cutting boards are also made with 100 percent recycled materials (both plastic and paper), are BPA- and phthalate-free and can be recycled when their useful life is over.

Mason Jars


If you want to forgo plastic all together try Mason Jars. These glass jars are perfect for storing leftovers, chopped up veggies, seasonings, soups, smoothies, juices, nuts, seeds, granola, crackers and more. In fact, I use them for my drinking glasses.

Salad Dressing Bottle

A glass salad dressing bottle, with recipe measurements on the side, is ideal for mixing and storing homemade salad dressing. Amazon has one for $8.


Pots, Pans and Baking Goods

I try to use stainless steel or cast iron cookware instead of the non-stick versions.  TreeHugger has compiled a list of 9 Non-Toxic Cookware Brands for Safe and Healthy Home Cooking, some of which are non-stick cookware. I also love Pyrex glass bakeware. You can probable find some old pieces at a vintage or thrift store or in your parent’s kitchen packed away somewhere, instead of buying new.  Ceramic cookware and bakeware are also really healthy choices for food preparation.

Sturdy Utensils

Invest in sturdy utensils. Avoid plastic utensils and accessories when cooking as these can melt or flake with extreme heat and wear down over time possibly causing chemicals to drift into your food. Instead choose durable materials such as: wood, bamboo, silicone or stainless steel. High-quality knives that you can sharpen by hand are a must. Having tongs in all shapes and sizes are very useful when dealing with raw meat or serving foods. A couple of good pairs of scissors are indispensable in the kitchen for everything from trimming meat to snipping herbs and opening packages. Poultry shears make it especially easy to cut through chickens, and can be used for a variety of other foods as well.

Juicer and Zester


Fresh zest, lemon and lime juice add a wonderful taste and a boost of vitamin C to your food. Whether for cooking or baking, having a juicer and zester on hand makes short work of getting all the juice and flavor out of citrus.

Filter Tap Water

Because of all the possible toxins in tap water you may want to consider using some sort of filtering system. PUR or Brita pitcher filters run about $15-20 or you could invest in one for your faucet. To find out if your water is safe for cooking and drinking, go online to discover the source of your home’s tap water. EWG’s Guide to Safe Drinking Water is also a great resource.

Do you have some cool healthy tool or storage item to share? Please do!