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Taught a Kickin’ Spin Class this Morning

I am still feeling good after teaching an awesome spin class this morning! There were 18 people and they worked their a$$e$ off! This was a first time spin for 4 people and they did great!  If you reside in the SF Bay Area come over and take a spin at RIDE Oakland!

Deb and Helen (owners) are wonderful and they did a fab job at creating a dedicated indoor-cycling (spinning) studio just for spinning!  Check it out! RIDE Oakland 

RIDE Oakland

If your goal is to eat well and/or lose weight stay clear of the CAN’T LIST and focus on your CAN LIST!

I had an interesting conversation with my walking buddy yesterday (thanks DJ) about diets and fitness regimens that either restrict certain foods or give you that all or nothing doctrine, such as you CAN”T eat carbs, protein, burgers or ice cream. There are also the CAN’Ts  you make up yourself, for example I CAN’T find time to workout, run a half marathon, do a spin class or boot camp. Here’s and idea use a CAN list! For some people, an all or nothing e.g. cold turkey approach works, but for most people this can lead to frustration and abandonment of their goal to become healthy.

Yes I Can

A CAN list is based on moderation and dedication and allowing yourself to be human.  Here is an example of a CAN’T and a CAN list.  Use them as guidelines for developing your own CAN list.

CAN’T List

CAN List

I can’t run!

You can walk, then run!

Read this

You can’t eat white pasta, only whole-wheat pasta!

You cat whole-wheat-and-white blend pasta.

Blends are great because they are less coarse and chewy than 100 percent whole-wheat varieties, while offering more nutrition than traditional white pasta. This is a good choice if you are trying to make the switch to whole-grain, but need a little more time to adjust the taste and texture of whole-wheat pasta.

You can’t eat sugar!

Well, sugar is in everything so in this case the type of sugar and moderation are key!

Aim for naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and whole grains while consuming your treats occasionally. Reducing your sugar intake can be difficult, but can be achieved with a little patience and dedication.

I can’t do indoor cycling/spinning!

Yes you can!

As with any activity you are trying for the first time you need to listen to your body. If you are trying spinning or indoor cycling, you should focus on building up your stamina.  As you start pedaling, choose a resistance setting that provides you with a challenge while still enabling you to pedal for at least 30 minutes. Aim to increase your resistance or speed by a little every time you are on the bike.

The key here is to get accustomed to the feel of the bike and to build a basic foundation for your new cycling lifestyle.  If you are taking a class, let the instructor know you are new to spinning so that they can help you with bike setup.

Cyber Monday – Give the Gift of Health

Give the gift of health this Monday and throughout the holiday season!  Do you know any new parents, educators or kids who would benefit from learning about healthy eating?  Buy my new eBook Teaching Kids How to Eat Well: A Series of Healthful Eating Tip Sheets for Kids and Teens”  as a gift from you to them. It is an easy to read guide designed to provide useful everyday tips for getting kids to eat well at any age.

Ebook_Cover copy1

Here are two recent reviews:

“What an easy read, practical and inspiring book as a guide for every parent struggling with the “how to” and “why” of creating good meals for those we love. Thank you for this Donna! I am printing out the charts for my 6 year old grand son – very helpful!”

“Lots of great information that’s easy to read and use so that daily family meals and snacks are tasty and healthy. I like the pages that can be posted for reference on a fridge or kitchen wall. There is plenty of nutritional information, too. This would be helpful to anyone looking to improve their family’s diet (including mom and dad!). I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends”. -EH

Only 6.99 – Buy it now! 

Do you or someone you know love indoor cycling and live in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Check out Ride Oakland, Oakland’s premier indoor cycling studio.


They offer a FUN kick-butt cardio workout in an inviting, motivating, and friendly environment. Ride Oakland is having a Grand Opening Promotion! 20% off all classes and RIDE packs. Promotion runs to 12/8/13.  Limit to three classes or three class packages. Enter Promo Code ‘RIDE’ at checkout