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Workout Smarter and Get Results – Routine #1 Good Morning Workout


When do you find the time to workout? I get this question all the time! Donna, between teaching and writing and cooking and taking care of the kids and on and on when do you get to workout? Take care of yourself?

We all have a lot going on, but taking care of ourselves should not be pushed to the back burner. I make time because it’s important to me. I ask you, what is the alternative? Sometimes I can carve out 40 or 60 minutes here or there, but most of the time I cannot, so I exercise smarter, not longer!

I’ve started putting together some quick and simple routines I do, to share with clients. The thing about these routines are they usually take about 10 minutes or less and I change them up so that my body does not get use to the same old routine and I stop seeing improvements. Here is routine #1 of my Good Morning Workout…

Good Morning Workout

Lovin’ My 15 Minute Workout!

Exercise is very important to me, it keeps my mind and body healthy! So when I can’t make it to the gym or I am short on time I do my 15 minute workout!  Check it out!

15 Minute Body Weight Workout

What do you do for a workout when you are short on time?