Parents need breakfast too! Are you setting a good example?

Does you child eat breakfast? Most of you are probably saying of course! Everyone knows how important breakfast is for kids, yet most parents are not eating breakfast themselves. Breakfast is the most important meal for us too and for all the same reasons as it is for kids. (See diagram below)


Eating breakfast is one of those things you know you should do, but you skip it anyway. Why? What’s your reason for not breaking your fast? Do you think that eating breakfast isn’t that important, that you don’t have time, or that it will help you lose weight?

Skipping breakfast actually makes some people eat more food at lunch and dinner then they should. As a result, skipping breakfast may cause weight gain by making you eat excessively later in the day.   

No time for breakfast? Breakfast doesn’t have to be some huge hot meal or be eaten sitting at the kitchen table for it to be healthy. It can be something as easy as a smoothie, some fruit or yogurt with granola.

As parents we preach eat your breakfast and it’s the most important meal, but not we must practice what we preach and set a good example for are kids.

What do you think?