Pre-Workout Food – Are you still confused?

I’ve been getting some emails lately from people who are still struggling with what to eat before their workout and when? So, I am going to try to make this response as easy to digest as possible (no pun intended).

Foremost, stick to carbohydrates (which are broken down into glucose); they are your body’s main source of energy.

Second, and I think the most important thing is how fast the food you eat is digested (exiting the stomach) and the nutrients from the food are entering your bloodstream to be carried off to the cells of your body that need the energy.

Carbohydrates like raw fruit take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to be digested. Whereas grains like a bagel of pasta can take up to 2 hours!


So it is imperative that you plan accordingly! If you have 30 minutes before your Zumba class you might not want to have a bowl of pasta because you may feel sluggish of nauseous. Stick to a banana or apple and some water. If you have an hour before your workout then a bagel with a little cream cheese or a P&J sandwich might do the trick.

You really need to experiment with what food works best for you, but having some idea about digestion speeds can help with food choices.

Read To Eat or Not To Eat Before Your Early Morning Workout and check out the table below on digestion speeds:


What do you think?