Healthy Kids, Healthy Teens

Year after year obesity rates among kids keep rising and while there are many reasons for this, there are two areas in particular that Healthy Kids, Healthy Teens will focus on: Increasing Physical Activity and Developing Healthier Eating Habits. A lot of kids are just not getting enough exercise (60 minutes a day is recommended) and are not making healthy food choices, again due to many reasons, such as availability, accessibility or lack of knowledge. My goal is to provide information via; tips, videos, links and posts to help you and your kids become and stay healthy!

Fit Tips:

Fit in exercise where you can!  Do abs during ads or jump around during homework breaks.

Parents challenge your kid or kids challenge your brother, sister, or friend to a physical activity contest during a homework break or better yet during a computer or TV commercial break. See who can do more crunches or sit-ups, or who can do more jumping jacks.



Blog Posts:

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Exercise Links:

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Nutrition Links:

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