5 Ways to Get your Kids Moving and Having Fun!

When it comes to exercise and kids it may be better not to call it exercise, because some kids may feel intimidated and shy away from exercise. Calling it games may be a better fit. When kids are playing games, they will play longer and they don’t even realize they are breaking a sweat (exercising) — they are just having fun!

Here are 5 ways to get your child moving and having fun!

1. Create an obstacle course in your backyard or at the park! Use cones, hula hoops, rope or chalk! Here are some ideas and I bet your kids could come up with some too!


  • Lay down a board for a balance beam
  • Walk the “tightrope” using a jump rope or garden hose
  • Stand on one foot for a count of five (or ten)


  • Crawl under a table or bench
  • Go through a pop-up tunnel
  • “Army crawl” across a blanket or sheet


  • Hop across a hopscotch board drawn with chalk
  • Make a line of hula hoops and jump from hoop to hoop
  • Stand on a marked spot and do jumping jacks

Reach & Toss

  • Throw beanbags into a hula hoop target, laundry basket or bucket
  • Shoot a basketball


  • Walk through a wading pool
  • Toss a water balloon at a target (fence, tree, bucket, etc.)
  • Run through the sprinkler (This is a great course finale!)

Walk & Weave

  • Set-up plastic cones for a classic weaving drill
  • Walk backwards ten steps

2. Hula Hoop Dancing! Hula-hoops are great for building kids’ core strength while working on coordination and rhythm. Use smaller ones for your kids and one that weighs about one pound for yourself so you can get some exercise, too!

3. Hurdle Jumping with PVC! Use PVC pipe fittings (ACE or Home Depot) and colorful tape to build hurdles! Your kids will have so much fun jumping over and crawling through the hurdles, while improve their agility.

4. Playground Olympics! Have your kids go through all the playground equipment (swing on swings, slide down slides, climb all the bars and hand-walk the monkey bars), and whoever gets through first wins. Do this for a half-hour and your little ones would have burned about 200-300 calories! Plus they may be ready for a nap!

5. Make activity flash cards. Create an active game that can be done indoors or out. Simply write some fun activities (such as crab crawling or karate kicks) on note cards (one activity per card) and then flip them over with your kids and demonstrate the action written on each card. Have everyone in the family come up with activities!

What do you think?