Be Your Own Motivation

Happy Monday, better late than never! How has the New Year been treating you thus far? Has it been everything you were hoping in would be at this point?


Sometimes by now things can get a little challenging and you start to look for some motivation to help you stick to that exercise routine or meditation practice.

Be your own motivation, I AM MY MOTIVATION!


The way I do that is by paying attention to the small changes as well as the big changes, like eating 4 pieces of fruit a day consistently instead 2 or by finishing a 30-day fitness challenge. What ever it is I rejoice in the accomplishment and reflect on how I am feeling, which keeps me motivated to continue.

It’s the same with health coaching, I tell my clients all the time to look for and appreciate small accomplishments with regards to their health and stop looking for big results over night. Small changes can add up quickly!


How do you motivate yourself?


What do you think?