Monday – The Most Important Day of the Week!

Hi Everyone! Well I have not posted in awhile, so why not get back on track this Monday!

To me, Monday (in addition to Sunday) is probably the most important day of the week with regards to health and fitness. Why? Monday is the perfect day to set your intentions for the week and then jumpstart those intentions. For example if your intention is to cook at home four days a week, start with Monday and set the tone for the rest of the week.

On Monday at my house we practice @KidsCookMonday that way I get a home cooked meal and my daughters get to develop their cooking skills, which I also like to call life skills.

Another must do on my list of intentions every Monday is to @MoveitMonday! Exercising on Monday, just like cooking on Monday, starts my week off healthy and I am more likely to continue this behavior throughout the week!


Did you set your intentions for the week?


What do you think?