School is out! Tips for parents on summertime fun and food for kids!

School is out and now parents must transform from part-time to full-time chefs. Furthermore, if you don’t have your child signed up for camps all summer you have also become their personal entertainment provider. Sigh, here are some tips for helping your child eat well during the hot days of summer. I’ve also including some links by other parents facing the “What are we going to do today?” blues.

Healthy eating tips for kids!

Keep fruits available – Kids love to snack even more so if they are hanging around the house all summer. So, keep healthy options, such as fresh fruit in visible locations such as the kitchen counter or top shelf of the refrigerator. Whether apples, bananas, berries or grapes. Fruit is the perfect snack for summer!

Make vegetables fun – For most kids, veggies are the last thing they want to eat. Whether they dislike the taste or appearance, transforming these vitamin-enriched foods into fun sculptures may improve your child’s overall eating experience. Try a caterpillar cucumber, tomato snowman, or a green pea necklace.

Make sure they drink water – If your children are splashing around at the beach or simply hanging out at home, drinking water is a must! According to the American Dietetic Association, kids sweat less, produce more heat and are less efficient at transferring heat from muscle to skin than adults. Also, they have more skin surface area, for their height and weight, than adults do, and they acclimate to heat more slowly than adults. So they’re at much greater risk of dehydration than adults.

Bottom line keep your child hydrated this summer!

Keeping your kids busy this summer!

First of all read this post from blog – We are THAT family “Dear Children: Let Me Explain This Thing Called Summer”  Love it!

Your could also…

Grow a family garden – Want to encourage learning outside the classroom? This summer, provide your children with an unforgettable learning experience in the garden! By teaching them how to plant and produce their own foods, you can encourage the development of healthy lifelong eating habits.

Just keep swimming! – Swimming is one of the most popular activities for children in the summer. Here are some great tips from Water Safety

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