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Fitness – Focus On Health and Not Just For Aesthetic Reasons

Fitness – making well informed food choices and exercising – should be less about vanity and more about your health.  Everybody has their reasons for participating in fitness programs and that’s fine.  All I am saying is try to look at the big picture.

When the focus of fitness is strictly to reach some unrealistic goal and you don’t reach that goal everything stops because you become depressed about not reaching that goal.

Instead try to embrace fitness as a lifestyle, as a way of life.  It’s something that will not stop once you have lowered your HDL cholesterol levels or your sleeping better or you have more energy to run around with your kids!  When you notice these kinds of things happening you will only want to continue because now your quality of life has improved.

I was totally inspired to write this post from my friend’s incredible collection of memes challenging folks to re-think their motivation for exercising. Check her out on FB Go Kaleo – Amber Rogers!

Here is a really good infographic that outlines the physical, mental, social and emotional benefits associated with fitness and being in good health.