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Fit Tip Friday: Are you hungry or bored? Here’s how to tell…

Hello Friday!

Fit Tip FridayEat when you are hungry not bored.

As you move into the weekend ask yourself this before you grab that last slice of pizza, “Are you hungry or just bored?” A lot of times we mistake hunger for some other emotional craving, like stress, boredom, or loneliness.

So the next time you start craving something go through this checklist before you eat, it can help you find out if you’re really hungry because your body needs fuel or if you just feel hungry for other reasons.


Mindful Eating – Are you really hungry?

mindful eating

Do you know the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger? Building a healthy relationship with food involves eating mindfully and knowing the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.  Take a look at these traits of emotional and physical hunger and us them as a tool to help you become more mindful of your eating.

Mindful Eating