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What’s Your State Eating?

Check out this “Fast Food Map by State” designed by Thrillist. They mapped out what they consider to be the most “iconic” fast food chain from each state. It was found on Vox.com, which put together “40 Maps that Explain Food in America.” The maps show where the food we eat comes from, how we eat it, and what we drink to wash it down.


Junk Food and Fast Food is Everywhere! Kids beware!

Kids beware junk food and fast food is everywhere you turn! Scary isn’t it! I like this info graphic…

junk food everywhere

Fast Food I Let My Kids Eat

I friend of mine said to me “I bet you never let the girls eat fast food.” My response, “oh yes all the time!” Mainly apples and bananas because they taste good and have a good amount of fiber, 4 and 3 grams respectively which keeps them feeling fuller longer until we can sit down and have a meal. Her look of exasperation was priceless.

My definition of fast food – designed for ready availability or consumption and can be prepared and served quickly, e.g. fruits and vegetables.