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Workout Wednesday – Workout Tips for You and Your Kids!


Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

I love to walk! I mean I really LOVE to walk! Up and down hills, in parks and around some of my local lakes. My kids on the other hand will come up with every possible excuse not go on a walk with me, especially if I say let’s go get some exercise.

Because I know how important it is for kids to be active, I came up with a few ways to get my kids exercising and they don’t even know it. Oh and I don’t say let’s go get some exercise anymore!

Everyday Adventures

Love, love, love going on adventures! We go to our local park where there is trail, near a stream (when we have rain here in CA) surrounded by wild blackberry bushes, redwoods and nature everywhere. We are climbing over rocks and hills, swinging from trees and balancing on tree trunks! Every adventure is different and we are out there for a good hour or more!

Scavenger Hunts

This can take place indoors or outdoors, I think outdoors is the best! Everyone starts with a list of things to find (or do) and a time limit. There is no set path as we scavenge around and search for all of the items on the list. The person who finds everything on the list first or finds the most items before the time is up wins. One of the great things about scavenger hunts is that you don’t have to spend time making and hiding clues. We search for things that already exist.


This is an easy one – your kids can cycle on their bikes while you run and try to keep up with them!

Working out is just as important to kids as it is to adults. Explore ways to get you and your kids working out together!

Move of the Day…


Targets: Core, glutes, hamstrings.


Begin lying on your back with feet flat, knees and ankles hip-distance apart, knees bent, back straight and arms lengthened at your sides. Extend right leg as straight as possible toward the ceiling, keeping thigh in line with your hip.

EXHALE: Squeeze glutes and lift hips, keeping them level.

INHALE: Slowly lower to staring position to complete one rep.

Complete all reps and switch sides. Work up to 3 sets of 12 reps.

Workout Tip…

Trying to lose body fat? Build some muscle…



Do you have any workout tips to get kids moving? Please share…

5 Ways to Get your Kids Moving and Having Fun!

When it comes to exercise and kids it may be better not to call it exercise, because some kids may feel intimidated and shy away from exercise. Calling it games may be a better fit. When kids are playing games, they will play longer and they don’t even realize they are breaking a sweat (exercising) — they are just having fun!

Here are 5 ways to get your child moving and having fun!

1. Create an obstacle course in your backyard or at the park! Use cones, hula hoops, rope or chalk! Here are some ideas and I bet your kids could come up with some too!


  • Lay down a board for a balance beam
  • Walk the “tightrope” using a jump rope or garden hose
  • Stand on one foot for a count of five (or ten)


  • Crawl under a table or bench
  • Go through a pop-up tunnel
  • “Army crawl” across a blanket or sheet


  • Hop across a hopscotch board drawn with chalk
  • Make a line of hula hoops and jump from hoop to hoop
  • Stand on a marked spot and do jumping jacks

Reach & Toss

  • Throw beanbags into a hula hoop target, laundry basket or bucket
  • Shoot a basketball


  • Walk through a wading pool
  • Toss a water balloon at a target (fence, tree, bucket, etc.)
  • Run through the sprinkler (This is a great course finale!)

Walk & Weave

  • Set-up plastic cones for a classic weaving drill
  • Walk backwards ten steps

2. Hula Hoop Dancing! Hula-hoops are great for building kids’ core strength while working on coordination and rhythm. Use smaller ones for your kids and one that weighs about one pound for yourself so you can get some exercise, too!

3. Hurdle Jumping with PVC! Use PVC pipe fittings (ACE or Home Depot) and colorful tape to build hurdles! Your kids will have so much fun jumping over and crawling through the hurdles, while improve their agility.

4. Playground Olympics! Have your kids go through all the playground equipment (swing on swings, slide down slides, climb all the bars and hand-walk the monkey bars), and whoever gets through first wins. Do this for a half-hour and your little ones would have burned about 200-300 calories! Plus they may be ready for a nap!

5. Make activity flash cards. Create an active game that can be done indoors or out. Simply write some fun activities (such as crab crawling or karate kicks) on note cards (one activity per card) and then flip them over with your kids and demonstrate the action written on each card. Have everyone in the family come up with activities!

Easy Ways to Work in Exercise Throughout Your Day

“I have no time to workout!” I hear it all the time, but there are ways to work in exercise throughout your day. Here are some easy ways to keep moving throughout the day:

  • Park your car at the back of the lot.
  • Get out of the office building and enjoy walking meetings.
  • Get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  • Take the stairs every chance you get.
  • Use a hands-free headset for conference calls so that you can walk around as you listen and talk.
  • Practice stretching and breathing exercises at the copier.
  • When you’re working at your computer, use an exercise ball as your office chair.
  • Take a break from the computer and do a Wall Sit: Stand with your back against a wall. Walk your feet forward as you slide your back down the wall, bending your knees up to 90 degrees. Hold for one minute and repeat.

It all adds up. So go workout!

Have more tips? Do share.

Events That Sabotage Your Fitness

Just as naysayers can sabotage your fitness efforts so can major events in your life. See if any of these events have happened to you.

1. You lose your job.

2. You get a new job.

3. You move.

4. You get married.

5. You get injured.

With fitness and healthy living it is essential that you learn how to overcome these interferences, which I’ll address in detail in my next post, in order to maintain your level of healthiness.

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