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Are You Eating Enough Color? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Eat Colorful

Clients, friends and especially my daughters are constantly asking me, “Why do you always say eat your fruit and vegetables?” Because they are good for you, that’s why! I am always munching on colorful fruits and vegetables, at least five to nine servings a day, because they taste good, make a quick and easy snack and keep me healthy. Colorful fruits and vegetables contain disease-fighting phytonutrients in addition to vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Are you eating enough color?


Growing Your Own Food – Good for Kids

Growing your own food is a great way to help your kids eat more fruits and vegetables because most kids like to eat what they grow.  Also growing your on produce  makes it easy to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy meals and snacks. Growing your own food teaches your child about the environment in which they live, where their food comes from and how plants grow.

This is what I am growing now:



Here is what has grown in my daughter’s school garden:

In The Garden

and this


What are you growing?



Fast Food I Let My Kids Eat

I friend of mine said to me “I bet you never let the girls eat fast food.” My response, “oh yes all the time!” Mainly apples and bananas because they taste good and have a good amount of fiber, 4 and 3 grams respectively which keeps them feeling fuller longer until we can sit down and have a meal. Her look of exasperation was priceless.

My definition of fast food – designed for ready availability or consumption and can be prepared and served quickly, e.g. fruits and vegetables.