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Stop the presses: GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube!


GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube!

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that GoodFoodMama is now on YouTube! Yes! I have two videos up now, but more are on the way!

On the GoodFoodMama channel you will find cooking demonstrations, nutrition and cooking 101’s, exercise demos, fitness tips, interviews and featured guests!

Please check out my first two videos (short, but sweet), like them and subscribe! Share with a friend!



Be Healthy!

Donna aka GoodFoodMama

Monday Motivation…mindful eating tips and more!


hello Monday!

Here is some motivation to move you through the week… Healthy Living Tips for Monday and Beyond:

3 Ways to help kids focus on eating mindfully…

  • Ask your children how hungry they are before a meal so they begin to develop an awareness of true physical hunger vs. emotional hunger.


  • Eat without distraction, which means not in front of the TV or computer, while on the phone or in the car.
  • Teach children to put their fork down between bites so they eat more slowly, allowing their bodies to feel full.

Try this Mindful Eating Exercise…


Move it Monday…



What is your Monday motivation?

Teach Your Kids How To Eat Well – My eBook can help!

Teaching kids to eat well might seem like a huge challenge, but with the tips found here, Teaching Kids How to Eat Well: A Series of Healthful Eating Tip Sheets for Kids and Teens a Parent’s Guide, you will see that developing and maintaining these good habits, so crucial to health, are not difficult.


This guide is perfect for summer months home with kids, it has tips on cooking with kids!  Also, my eBook will give you ideas for back-to-school lunches and snacks and getting your kids involved in the process!  It’s a great deal only 3.99!

Here are two reviews…

“Lots of great information that’s easy to read and use so that daily family meals and snacks are tasty and healthy. I like the pages that can be posted for reference on a fridge or kitchen wall. There is plenty of nutritional information, too. This would be helpful to anyone looking to improve their family’s diet (including mom and dad!). I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends.” Evelyn Hess

“What an easy read, practical and inspiring book as a guide for every parent struggling with the “how to” and “why” of creating good meals for those we love. Thank you for this Donna! I am printing out the charts for my 6 year old grand son – very helpful!.” Melanie Tervalon, MD

Buy your copy now!


Food Is Just Food! It’s All About Balance!

Having a healthy relationship with food is all about balance. I try not to categorize food as bad or good, food is just food. It’s important to understand that you can enjoy your favorite foods even if they are high in calories, fat or added sugars. The key is moderation! Balancing them out with healthier food choices.

Keep these two things in mind:

  1. If you find that you normally eat your favorite (not so healthy) foods every day, try to eat them less often by cutting back to once a week or once a month.
  2. Also, try eating smaller amounts of your favorite higher-calorie foods.


food is just food


How are you building a healthy relationship with food?

How to Pack Your Lunch (Not just for kids)

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share this handy little infographic I put together for my kids to use to help guide them in packing their own lunches.  Having one in 6th and one in 4th this year I felt it was time that they starting making their own lunches.  What’s great about this is it saves me time and I’ve found that when they pack their lunch they eat their lunch, hooray!  This is also helpful for us parents and non-parents to use!


Tips for cleaning up your diet!

If you have thought about eating clean you might want to check out this infographic from Franchesca.net. It shows you how you can clean up your diet in 5 weeks!


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