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Spring Cleaning for Health: Let’s Start With Your Refrigerator

Last Monday I posted on GoodFoodMmama’s FB page that Spring cleaning is not just about your house and/or yard it should be about your health and fitness as well.

Staying organized helps you meet your health goals. Now is the time to clean out your cabinets, pantries and refrigerator.  Having a well organized fridge is important to your health because that is where the majority of your food is stored. To start, take everything out of your refridgerator and give it a good cleaning to avoid food borne illnesses. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggest that you:

  • Keep your fridge clean at all times; look for unnoticed spills and lingering odors.
  • Wipe up spills and clean surfaces with hot, soapy water and rinse well.
  • Be sure to clean under drawers and edges of glass shelves.
  • Keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and help eliminate odors, by placing an opened box of baking soda on a shelf.
  • Set the refrigerator temperature below 40°F.

Next load up your fridge with healthy food choices, such as fruits and veggies that are in season and placed in a strategic fashion to aid in healthy choices! Here are some useful infographs, links and images to help you Spring clean your refrigerator and keep you and your health on track!

How to spring clean your fridge: 6 easy hacks and tips!

22 Healthy Foods to Always Have in Your Fridge

Healthify your fridge!



How to Pack Your Lunch (Not just for kids)

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share this handy little infographic I put together for my kids to use to help guide them in packing their own lunches.  Having one in 6th and one in 4th this year I felt it was time that they starting making their own lunches.  What’s great about this is it saves me time and I’ve found that when they pack their lunch they eat their lunch, hooray!  This is also helpful for us parents and non-parents to use!


Tips for cleaning up your diet!

If you have thought about eating clean you might want to check out this infographic from Franchesca.net. It shows you how you can clean up your diet in 5 weeks!


Great Infographic on the Benefits of Herbs

Here is a really nice infographic on the benefits of herbs.  It works as a companion to my post on Cooking With Fresh Herbs. Check it out…



A Guide to Summer Food – Fruits and Vegetables

Three of my favorite things – summer, fruits and vegetables!  Check out this handy guide for summers’s best produce.


Fruit Infused Water Recipes for the Summer!

Here are some sweet refreshing fruit infused water recipes for those warm summer days!


Do you have recipes to share?

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