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Healthy Living Manifesto

Happy Monday! I’ve been thinking a lot about healthy living and making healthy choices lately! Not just eating more fruits and vegetables (we all know that is important) more like balancing my time, reducing stress and being happy!


I figured it was time to visit and update my Healthy Living Manifesto! Here are the first 15, which was composed mostly on making healthy choices.

GFM Healthy Living Manifesto

Now I want to add some words to the list (eventually turning them into phrases) that focus more on behavior and mindset. Practicing these words these four words will take time and require patience – let the practice begin!


Do you have a healthy living manifesto? Please share!

GoodFoodMama’s Healthy Living Manifesto – The First 15!

I’ve wanted to put together a healthy living manifesto for sometime now to help me stay focus and stay on track with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are my first 15 affirmations with the next 15 coming (hopefully) next month. I hope it gives you some inspiration to work towards and/or to continue living healthy.

GFM Healthy Living Manifesto