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Menu Plan Monday – Let’s make it a Theme!

hello Monday!

I love Mondays

Here’s to a great week! As you move through Monday strive to make choices that nourish your mind, body and soul!

Menu Plan MondayLet’s make it a Theme!


Nourishing the whole you sometimes can be difficult if you don’t have a plan. One thing we like to do is plan out our meals for the week by theme. Here is an example…

Meatless Monday – for example Red Beans & Rice (protein)

Taco Tuesday – no explanation needed.

Wacky Wednesday – new food to try or mix it up like, breakfast for dinner, yum!

Turkey Burger and Thirsty Thursday – turkey burgers and we make are favorite drinks (smoothies, lemon ice…)

Fun Friday – go out to dinner!

Saturday Stir-fry – again, no explanation needed.

Salad Sunday – we love Salad Sunday in spring/summer (Soup Sunday in fall/winter).

What are your family’s favorite theme nights?