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Getting Young Children to Eat Healthy Means You May Need to Show a Little Empathy

Are you tired of getting upset and frustrated when your young ones refuse to eat their veggies? If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time to try a little empathy. What I mean is think back to when you were their age. Did you like to eat your broccoli? If not why? If so why? Stepping into their shoes gives you a chance to travel back in time to when you were a kid and revisit your experiences with your parents trying to get you to eat healthy.

Doing this will enable you to ask the right questions and dig a little deeper to find out exactly why your child does not want to eat their spinach or zucchini. Is it the way the carrots are cooked? Are they too soft and mushy? Do they not like when the different foods on their plate touch?


Once you find out the answers you can make some changes, such as cooking their carrots the way they like, not serving them mix foods like casseroles and not letting different foods touch each other on the same plate. Seems a bit much, not really. Children have preferences about how their food is prepared and presented just like adults do.

So the next time your little angel is having a little tantrum because he or she does not want to eat those wilting green beans ask why?