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Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were filled with great food, great company and great amounts of love!


It’s 2017 – Time to create a life full of ‪health, ‪happiness and ‪love for you and for those that are important to you! So lets set some intentions, make a plan and put it into action!

Resolutions not required!  Instead use this first week of January to take a close look at what in your life needs a little more attention from YOU! Let’s call this your goal, write it down! Next you need to make a plan on how you’re going to reach your goal. Finally, how will you put that plan into action!

Not sure how to start? That’s where GoodFoodMama comes into play!

Every week for the next 52 weeks we will be motivating you and inspiring you on how to put your plan into action! To get everything you need you should subscribe to GoodFoodMama to receive our Monday blog post by email and follow us on Facebook Twitter to help you stay focused while reaching your goals.

Here is how it will play out:

Mondays – will be Motivational Monday and will start off with a blog post full of tips, inspiration and motivation to set the tone for your week.

Wednesdays – will be Soul Food Wednesday where you will receive tips on ways to nourish you body, mind and soul! *Note this will only be on FB or Twitter.

Fridays – will be Ready for the Weekend where we will help keep you motivated to stay on track during the weekend! *Note this will only be on FB or Twitter.

*The blog post on Mondays will line out what the rest of the week will look like, but to get all of the info from Wednesday and Friday you will need to follow us on FB or Twitter!

If you want and need more support, encouragement and direction, Health Coaching with me is the next step! Send me a message!


Motivational Monday 1/2/17…

Start each day with a GRATEFUL heart!


Here’s to an unforgettable 2017, cheers!

You Can Lose Body Fat by Eating Only When You are Hungry!

I eat exactly the right amount of food for my body’s needs.


Can I lose weight by eating only when I am hungry?  I get this question quite a bit. It is usually associated with not eating enough, starving oneself. When you let your hunger dictate when you eat you can lose body fat! Eating when you are not hungry, for reasons such as anger, sadness or boredom, can lead to weight gain. Paying attention to your physical hunger cues and making mindful food choices is essential to fat loss.

Hunger Cues

Eating when you are hungry can be effective for losing body fat. Listen to your body. Is your stomach growling? Do you feel empty or light-headed? Did this feeling come on gradually? Eating only when you’re physically hungry serves as a reminder that your body needs food for energy.

Eating and emotional comfort are separate. Eating for reasons other than hunger can result in you over eating and having a guilty conscience for overindulging. Eat when you are hungry and channel your emotions through something else other than food such as going on a long walk, taking a yoga class or meditating.

Mindful Food Choices

Mindful eating starts before you even sit down to eat. It begins with the purchasing of food at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Try to choose whole, unprocessed food whenever possible. This includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and lean protein choices.

Mindful eating is about bringing awareness and appreciation to the experience of eating. Focus! When you slow down and pay attention to how and what you eat, you’re more likely to make better decisions about the food you choose to nourish your body.


You don’t need fad diets or gimmicks to lose weight. Paying attention to hunger cues and making mindful food choices along with moving your body on a regular basis is the healthiest way to lose body fat.

Workout Wednesday – Workout Tips for You and Your Kids!


Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

I love to walk! I mean I really LOVE to walk! Up and down hills, in parks and around some of my local lakes. My kids on the other hand will come up with every possible excuse not go on a walk with me, especially if I say let’s go get some exercise.

Because I know how important it is for kids to be active, I came up with a few ways to get my kids exercising and they don’t even know it. Oh and I don’t say let’s go get some exercise anymore!

Everyday Adventures

Love, love, love going on adventures! We go to our local park where there is trail, near a stream (when we have rain here in CA) surrounded by wild blackberry bushes, redwoods and nature everywhere. We are climbing over rocks and hills, swinging from trees and balancing on tree trunks! Every adventure is different and we are out there for a good hour or more!

Scavenger Hunts

This can take place indoors or outdoors, I think outdoors is the best! Everyone starts with a list of things to find (or do) and a time limit. There is no set path as we scavenge around and search for all of the items on the list. The person who finds everything on the list first or finds the most items before the time is up wins. One of the great things about scavenger hunts is that you don’t have to spend time making and hiding clues. We search for things that already exist.


This is an easy one – your kids can cycle on their bikes while you run and try to keep up with them!

Working out is just as important to kids as it is to adults. Explore ways to get you and your kids working out together!

Move of the Day…


Targets: Core, glutes, hamstrings.


Begin lying on your back with feet flat, knees and ankles hip-distance apart, knees bent, back straight and arms lengthened at your sides. Extend right leg as straight as possible toward the ceiling, keeping thigh in line with your hip.

EXHALE: Squeeze glutes and lift hips, keeping them level.

INHALE: Slowly lower to staring position to complete one rep.

Complete all reps and switch sides. Work up to 3 sets of 12 reps.

Workout Tip…

Trying to lose body fat? Build some muscle…



Do you have any workout tips to get kids moving? Please share…

Why Diets Don’t Work

I know spring is here and summer is around the corner and you want to wear that special outfit, but let’s be real diets don’t work! You know the reason why diets don’t work? It’s because they are not sustainable or realistic. Fad diets are designed for quick weight loss, due to water loss and muscle loss not fat loss. More importantly they are designed to fail long term.

If losing body fat is your goal, focus on building a healthy relationship with food and working out smarter instead.

Here is a simple but straightforward visual of why diets don’t work.



Daily Dose of Healthy Living – Diet Myths Debunked

Daily Dose of Healthy Living

Daily Dose – Myth: Restrictive diets such as, low-carbs or no-fat, are best with weight loss.

Diet Myths Debunked

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